DIY flat wood doors to Beautiful designer doors! (for under $10!)

So let me be clear, although my house is not really old (built in 2003) it DOES come with a  lot of outdated touches. For instance, the hollow wood (can we even call these real wood?) doors with tacky gold knobs. I’ve decided that I was tired of staring at these ugly old things, and after a year and a half of tolerating their unwelcomeness in my home, I finally did something about it! As stated in previous blogs, I’m a penny pincher, so replacing 5 doors just wasn’t in my budget. Rather, I was able to knock the cost down to under $10 per door! (ALL materials– some left overs too!) You don’t need to be a handy-man to tackle this simple DIY, and you really don’t even need to be a painter or acquire any such skills. The steps are fairly simple, and if you have the patience- you won’t regret it! The outcome is outstanding, and more than I could have hoped (for the sake of not dealing with the EYESORE of icky brown “wood” flat doors anymore). So let’s get to it.

-Wood trim from any home improvement store (the sell several different textures, widths, designs, etc.) — just pick the one that speaks to you! ($1.70 a piece- we need 12)
-Wood SUPER glue (We got this at the home improvement store as well, the FAST setting, thick glue for wood! ($4.00)
-Painters tape ($3.00)
-Sandpaper (We used 120 grit) ($1.00)
-White semi-gloss paint and primer in 1 (OR any other color you want your new doors!) ($21 a gallon — we ONLY used 1/4 of a gallon! SO much left over paint for other DIY’s!)
– brushes/rollers (we had them already– nothing fancy either)
Total cost: $49.40 — that comes out to $9.88 a door!)
Total time:
One day (Most likely faster/easier if you don’t have a toddler!)


Excuse the unbearable lighting, it was nighttime when I started and early morning when I finished! Because, when is else a busy mom supposed to complete her spontaneous DIY’s?
This is just ONE of five doors that I re-did (as you can tell by the tape and unpainted door in the after pic). I was just too excited to wait to snap a picture of this gorgeous view! NO MORE UGLY DOORS- WOO! Anyways.
After I collected all my materials and eagerly made my way back home, I started as SOON as my toddler was off to bed. I began by sanding– the worst part! For me, at least. I sanded and sanded and sanded, and then I washed my doors and trim with soapy water! After the wash and sand, I dried them VERY well. And now… the fun stuff!

TRIM! 🙂 I began measuring my wood trim exactly how long I wanted each piece, based off the size squares I chose. I honestly picked a random size that seemed to fit for my door, but most doors are different sizes- so that may differ for each person. My wood trim looked like this:


It had some texture and dimension to it, which I liked! But to each his own and you can pick whatever suits you best. I measured each stick to make a square, and used a hacksaw to cut each end at an angle, so that when the pieces are put together, they make a square. I repeated this same process for the rectangle. Then, I did this 4 more times for each one of my doors.

After all your wood trim is cut, it’s time to glue and tape!

This is something you may need another person to help you with, just to properly ensure that your squares are even on each door! I placed one stick at a time, marking on my door with a pencil where I wanted it to go, then squirting a line of glue all the way down each piece, and then placing it on the door. One the piece was placed, I used a small piece of painters tape to hold it in place! I repeated this process for each stick, on each door. It should look something like the unpainted door in this picture:

Don’t mind the adorable diaper-only small person attempting to paint the door. As I was waiting for the glue to cure on the trim, I decided it would be a good time to wash a few dishes. In my peripherals I saw my little toddler run to the doors (WITH my wet paint tray still out– I know, rookie mistake!) but for some reason it didn’t register. Once the light bulb went off, I immediately RAN to these doors to see what she could possibly be doing! Painting my carpet? Herself? The floors? Oh jeez. And yet, I turned the corner to see my sparkling cherub trying to help mommy, she had grabbed the paint brush and proceeded to paint the door for me– all by her 2-year-old independent self. How sweet! 🙂

Back to the doors!

Once the trim is glued and cured, it’s time to remove your door knobs, tape  around the trim of your doors so you don’t paint your walls- and paint those doors!
I used linen white, but any color that suits you best will work! I also had to do 2 coats, but the end result is amazing.

By this point you’ll be oogling over your gorgeous new doors, and perhaps take a selfie with them! But wait, there’s one more crucial part to this DIY. The “jewelry” for your fresh new doors– the knobs! So I looked everywhere for affordable, fashionable, modern knobs… but for 5 doors, it was going to cost me a minimum of $70… how about no! So, I did what I usually do with anything I want to update… PAINT THEM! I used Rust-oleum brass paint, but the oil rubbed bronze or black was next on my list! For the knobs, you need to lightly sand them (120 grit) and then wash them thoroughly. Mine looked like this BEFORE: image[6].jpeg

After a few coats of spray paint (I did NOT primer, I didn’t want streaks or drips!) they look like BRAND new knobs! And modern, at that!


I stare at these doors often, and I’m so glad I finally tackled this project! Affordable, stylish, and EASY! Enjoy y’all!!







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