My $7.50 wreath

So, we all know that I’m all about saving that $$. Cute wreaths can cost anywhere from $30-$80 around here, and I’m sorry– but that’s just not in my budget for front door décor! Given that I made this in November, I wanted a cute wreath with a holiday feel. However, this wreath is so dang cute that I plan to keep it up year round! 🙂 To begin, I bought an 8 inch foam circle from the Dollar store (for of course- $1). I also bought 4 bundles of their flowers of my choosing, costing me $4. I then used a roll of thick tweed that I had lying around the house (I got this at the craft store for around $2). I had all my essentials, grabbed my trusty hot glue gun and I was ready to go! I began by pulling the stems off of each flower that I wanted to use, and sticking them into the foam with a dollop of hot glue on the bottom of each one. Fast forward ten minutes, and all my flowers were where I wanted them (I made sure to leave a gap for the tweed). I started by wrapping the tweed with gluing one end and then continually wrapping it around until it was covering the length of my desire (make sure to continually glue along the way– keeping the layers tight together!). That is basically it! I made a loop at the top of the wreath so I could hang it on the door, and embellished it with a 50 cent “H” that I bought at Joann’s (50% off Holiday Décor sale). How easy, cute, and cheap!

Foam circle = $1.00
Flowers= $4.00
Tweed= $2.00
“H” décor=  $0.50
$7.50! 🙂



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